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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is © : All rights reserved. 




Dun-Rite Sweeping Services Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on June 01, 2020 to make it more easy understand.


You do not need a lawyer to understand Dun-Rite Sweeping Privacy Policy. Items 1 and 2 below make it simple.


Easy Privacy Policy:

  1. Dun-Rite website does not store any information about you. How easy is that!
  2. We DO use your name, email and/or telephone number you provided on our Contact Form only to respond to your contact request.



This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their 'Personally Identifiable Information' (PII) is being used online.

What personal information does Dun-Rite Sweeping site collect from the people that visit his website?

Only when you email Dun-Rite Sweeping, do we use your email address or phone number so Dun-Rite can, well... email you back.

When do we collect information?

We do not collect anything except the email address or phone number you used to contact Dun-Rite.

How do we use your information?

We may use the information we collect from you in the following way:
       To follow up with you after you request that Dun-Rite or site administrator contact you.
How do we protect your information?

We only provide articles and information. There is nothing to "protect".
We use Malware Scanning on a regular basis.
We use a SSL certificate. This is to protect your privacy when visiting this site.
  • We only provide articles and information.
    We never ask for personal or private information except email addresses or phone number, and only at your request.
Do we use 'cookies'?

We do not use cookies for tracking purposes or any other purpose.
Do we use other methods of tracking?
No. No tracking, cookies, monitoring, scanning, pinging, pixeling, canvas fingerprinting, Googleware, or outside analytic services. None!
Third-party disclosure

Dun-Rite Sweeping does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) - which we do not collect, nor do we share, trade or otherwise transfer any information you provide on the Contact Form.

Third-party links

Dun-Rite does not include or offer third-party products or services on this website.


Google's advertising requirements can be summed up by Google's Advertising Principles. Google claims they are put in place to provide a positive experience for users.
We have not enabled Google AdSense on our site.

We do not use or subscribe to any search engine applications because many use cookies and other 'trackers' and Dun-Rite Sweeping values your privacy.

This website does not subscribe to Google website applications.
We agree to the following:
Users can visit Dun-Rite Sweeping website site anonymously.
Once this privacy policy is created, we will add a link to it on our home page or as a minimum, on the first significant page after entering our website.
Our Privacy Policy link includes the word 'Privacy' and can easily be found on the page specified above.

You will be notified of any Privacy Policy changes:
       On our Privacy Policy Page
How does our site handle Do Not Track signals?
We honour Do Not Track signals. And, we made it easier for you and this Dun-Rite Sweeping website, by not using any trackers. None. 

Does Dun-Rite Sweeping site allow third-party behavioral tracking? 
It's also important to note that we do not allow third-party behavioral tracking

COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act)

Although it is US based, COPPA polices are applied to this Canadian site - as protection for children.
Does Dun-Rite Sweeping permit third-parties, including ad networks or plug-ins to collect PII from children under 13? Answer: NO! Dun-Rite Sweeping does not allow third parties to collect any information about anyone of any age visiting this site.

Fair Information Practices

Even though it is a United States based policy, Dun-Rite Sweeping website complies with The Fair Information Practices Principles (FIPP) that form the backbone of privacy law in the United States, the European Union, and Canada and the concepts included have played a significant role in the development of data protection laws around the globe. Understanding these principles and how they should be implemented is critical to comply with the various privacy laws that protect personal information.
In order to be in line with Fair Information Practices we will take the following responsive action, should a data breach occur:
We will notify everyone via our website alert.
       Within 1 business day
We will notify the users who used our Email via email notification
       Within 1 business day